Cinema HD is a free streaming app that is available for Firestick and Andriod smartphones. In the app, you will get access to all the latest movies and series that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and other international video content. One major issue in the Cinema HD app is that it doesn’t own any of the video content. All the titles in the app are from torrent sites. By this, many will ask the question, do you need a VPN for Cinema HD. Let us see how to use Cinema HD on Firestick using a VPN.

Cinema HD app is not available on the Amazon App Store and the Play Store. If you have Cinema HD on Firestick, you downloaded the app by using third-party installers. There is nothing wrong or illegal in using third-party installers. As the Cinema HD app is not legal, the chances are higher that the app may store information about your search history, your IP address, and your location. As a safety precaution, we advise you to use a VPN on Firestick when you stream videos on Cinema HD.

How to Install Cinema HD on Amazon Firestick

If you don’t have the Cinema HD app or if you want to update the Cinema HD app, follow the below steps (Cinema HD v2.2.2).

1. Turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources features using the command, Settings –> My Fire TV –> Developer Options –> Apps from Unknown Sources –> Turn On.

Apps from Unknown Sources

2. After that,  click the Lens icon on the home screen. If you have the Downloader app, go to step 7.

Home screen - Cinema HD on Firestick using VPN

3.  In the Search bar, type Downloader and search for it.


4. Select the Downloader app under the Apps & Games category.


5. Click the Download icon to install the Downloader app.


6. After the app is downloaded, click the Open icon to launch the Downloader app.


7. Navigate to the Search bar and type the Cinema HD app’s download link Click on the Go button.

Downloader - Cinema HD on Firestick using VPN

8. The Cinema HD apk will start to download. When it is downloaded, click the Install button.

9. After the apk is downloaded, click the Done and Delete button to delete the apk file.

10. The Cinema HD app will be installed on your Firestick.

How to use Cinema HD on Firestick using a VPN

Cinema HD is a basic streaming app. You can use any of the free VPNs to fool the Cinema HD app. By using VPNs when streaming videos on Cinema HD, you are not exposing any of your personal information like your IP, your geolocation, your internet provider, and so on. You can use VPNs like,

Apart from the free VPNs, if you have access to any freemium or premium VPN, you can use those VPNs too.

1. Open any of the VPN you are having on your Firestick.

2. Choose the server (for freemium and premium VPN) or turn on the VPN (free VPN).

Ultrasurf VPN - Cinema HD on Firestick using VPN

3. Ensure that your internet connection is encrypted with the VPN connection using the VPNSafetyDot.

VPNSafetyDot - Cinema HD on Firestick using VPN

4. Now, open the Cinema HD app on your Firestick and watch your favorite movie without exposing your IP.

Cinema HD on Firestick using VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cinema HD illegal?

Yes, the Cinema HD app is illegal. As the app is not available on any of the official app stores and has access to the video content without any proper licenses, it is an illegal application.

2. How Safe Is Cinema HD?

Safety is not guaranteed while using illegal apps like Cinema HD. Use VPNs to protect your private information.

3. Why does Cinema HD buffer so much?

Cinema HD is not an official app. When so many users are streaming the same content, you will get the buffering issue. Try streaming after a while.


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