TorGuard VPN is one of the best premium-based VPN for Firestick. The VPN has all the advanced features you need and can be used for any purposes like browsing, accessing geo-restricted content, torrenting, and more. With TorGuard VPN on Firestick, you can surf the internet without exposing your personal information. You can install the TorGuard VPN on your Firestick and browser anonymously.

Highlights of TorGuard VPN

Here are the benefits of using TorGuard VPN:

  • The VPN has more than 3000 servers in 50+ countries.
  • With one subscription, you can use the VPN on 8 devices.
  • TorGuard VPN has a built-in ad-blocking and malware blocking feature.
  • With the Stealth mode on TorGuard, it is impossible to track your data.
  • By using TorGuard VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms.
TorGuard VPN on Firestick

TorGuard VPN

TorGuard VPN has four subscription plans with a free trial of 7 days.

  • $9.99 per month,
  • $19.99 for three months ($6.66 per month),
  • $29.99 for six months ($4.99 per month),
  • $59.99 for one year ($4.99 per month).
TorGuard VPN on Firestick

As you see, for long term plans, the subscription per month is minimal. There is no money-back guarantee policy available on the TorGuard VPN. Apart from these subscriptions, it also has plans for Business VPN and proxy services. Visit the TorGuard VPN website for more information.

How to Install TorGuard VPN on Firestick?

The TorGuard VPN is available on the Amazon App Store. You don’t need to use any third-party application to install the VPN.

(1) Click the Lens icon on the home screen.

Home screen

(2) On the keyboard, type TorGuard VPN and search for it.

Search for app

(3) Select the TorGuard VPN from the App & Games list.

Click on the app from the suggestion sccreen

(4) On the next screen, click the Get icon to download the VPN.

TorGuard VPN on Firestick

(5) When the VPN is installed, click the Open icon to launch the TorGuard VPN.

TorGuard VPN on Firestick

(6) TorGuard Terms of Service page will open. Click Next to continue.

TorGuard VPN on Firestick

(7) Choose the IP Address to which you want to connect and click on the “Enable” button.

TorGuard VPN on Firestick

(8) You will get a connection request. Click on the OK button to connect to the VPN.

Click OK to continue

(9) Now login with your username and password. This will appear while connecting for the first time only.

TorGuard VPN on Firestick


TorGuard VPN is as powerful as other premium VPNs. If you want more premium VPNs, try the alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TorGuard work on Firestick?

Yes, TorGuard VPN will work on all the Firestick and Fire TV models except for the 1st Gen Fire TV.

2. Is TorGuard a good VPN?

TorGuard is a good and trustworthy VPN. You can use the VPN for any of your browsing needs, it will protect your personal data.

3. How do you get TorGuard for free?

You can get the 7-day free trial. After that, you need to pay a subscription to use the VPN.