VPNSafetyDot is a VPN monitor application for your Firestick. When you connect to the VPN, the VPNSafetyDot will know that you are using a VPN. On your Firestick screen, it will flash a small green dot on the top right corner of the screen independent of the application you are using. If the dot changes its color to red, it means that your VPN is disconnected. With the VPNSafetyDot, you will always be sure about your VPN connection. If your VPN provider doesn’t have a Kill Switch feature, then VPNSafetyDot is a must-have app on your Firestick.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

How to Download VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

VPNSafetyDot apk is specially developed for Firestick devices that are available on the official website VPNSafetyDot.com. Since the application is in Beta Mode, it is yet to be released on Amazon App Store. For now, you need to use the Downloader app or ES file Explorer to install the VPNSafetyDot on your Firestick.

As you are going to use the Downloader app, turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources feature before getting into the installation steps.

Enable Install Unknown Apps

1. On your Fire TV home, go to Settings.

Click on the Settings option from the Home screen

2. Select My Fire TV and choose Developer Options.

Click on My Fire TV under settings

3. Click on Install Unknown Apps and turn it on.

Enable Install Unknown Apps

How to Sideload VPNSafetyDot for Firestick using Downloader

1. Click on the Search icon under the Find category on the Firestick home screen. If you have the Downloader app, go to step 6.

Click search under Find Category

2. Type Downloader and search for it.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

3. Choose the Downloader app under the Apps & Games category.


4. Click on the Download icon or Get icon to install the Downloader app.

5. Now, click the Open button to open the Downloader app.


6. Go to the Search bar and type the VPNSafetyDot’s download link https://bit.ly/32EeU7f. Click on the Go button.


7. On the next screen, click the Install button to install the application.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

8. Now, click the Open button to launch the application.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

9. On the VPNSafetyDot application, turn on the toggle.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

10. Now, you will get the information about the indicator color.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

11. Open your VPN and turn on the VPN connection.

12. If your VPN is working, you will get the green dot on the top right of the screen.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

How to Get VPNSafetydot on Firestick using ES File Explorer

1. Launch the ES File Explorer on Fire TV from the Amazon App Store.

2. Select the Downloader from the Home screen and select the +New icon.

Select the Downloader icon in the second row

3. Enter the URL link in the Path field and in the name field type VPNSafetydot.

Click Download Now to download the apk file

4. Enter any name in the Name field and select Download Now to get the APK file.

5. Once downloaded, click Open File and install the app on your Firestick.

click Open File and install it

6. Scroll down until the Next option changes to Install and click on the Install button.

7. After installation, click Done and click Open to launch the app.

Launch the app on your Firestick

How to Access VPN Kill Switch

1. Once you launch the app, select the OFF switch to enable it.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

2. Now, select the three dots option in the top right corner and click on the Adjust Settings option.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

3. Enable the Start VPNSafety On Device Boot option.

VPNSafetyDot for Firestick

Best VPN for Firestick

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPNSafetyDot?

VPNSafetyDot is a monitor to check whether your VPN is working or not.

Does VPNSafetyDot include a VPN?

No, VPNSafetyDot is just a VPN monitor for your Firestick. There is no standalone VPN available in the VPNSafetyDot.

Will VPNSafetyDot works every time?

As the application is in Beta mode, there may be some errors and bugs. If you want to double-check, use our guide on how to check if VPN is working on Firestick

Do I need a VPN for Firestick?

If you are sideloading an app on your Firestick, then VPN is a must to use. You can also use a VPN to stream all the geo-restricted content.