Removing or deleting unwanted and temporary files will help to boost our devices like smartphones, PC and any streaming devices. In this case, the CCleaner app is one of the best choices for removing temporary files like browsing history, caches, junk files, and cookies. It will help to improve the device’s performance and also free up the memory space. In the list of streaming devices, Amazon Firestick is one of the popular ones. It also requires clean-up. In this article, you will get to know how to install and use CCleaner on Firestick using a VPN.

CCleaner on Firestick

CCleaner is a safe app that will clean the junk and temporary apps safely. It comes with the feature of a storage analyzer which will identify the storage space and clear the files to free up space. CCleaner also checks your battery level, RAM performance, and temperature.

How to Install CCleaner on Amazon Firestick

The CCleaner app is natively available on the Amazon app store, which can be accessed on Firestick easily. Follow the given steps to get it quickly on your Fire TV device.

[1] Connect your Firestick to the TV and a good internet connection.

CCleaner on Firestick- home page
[2] On the top left of the home screen, you will get the Search tab. Click on it.

[3] Enter CCleaner using the on-screen keyboard or voice search with Alexa and search for the app.

[4] The app info will show the Download or Install option. Tap on it to install the app.

[5] Next, click the Open button to launch the CCleaner app on your Firestick and remove the unwanted files as per the given instruction.

Best VPNs for Firestick

How to Use CCleaner on Firestick using a VPN

[1] On the Firestick home screen, Type PureVPN in the search bar and search for it.

[2] Pick the PureVPN app from the shown list to get the app page.

[3] Then, click Get or Download to install the PureVPN.

downlad and install purevpn
[4] When it gets installed, tap open and launch it.

[5] Now, log in to the account by providing the required details.

CCleaner on Firestick- log in
[6] On the next screen, choose the VPN server to get connected.

CCleaner on Firestick- choose VPN server
[7] Now, open the CCleaner app and start using it anywhere around the globe on your Firestick.


1. How do I free up memory on my Firestick?

Use the CCleaner app, which will help you delete or clean the unwanted files by restoring your memory space.

2. Why is my Firestick memory full?

The apps that you are installed on the Firestick will hold a specific size. If the Firestick runs out of memory or shows memory full, remove or uninstall the unused app.

3. What causes buffering on Firestick?

Usually, buffering happens when there is a slow or poor network connection. Apart from this, if there is any system update, streaming videos, or downloading the files happens, you will face buffering issues.