Blim TV is an online streaming platform launched on February 22, 2016, in Mexico. It offers you more than 30+ Live channels, new series, hit movies, and TV shows. The Blim app adds new movies and content each and every month. Now, the Blim TV app is officially available on Firestick. You can easily get the Blim TV on your Firestick from anywhere by simply following the steps given here.

blim tv logo

The Blim TV app mainly focuses on accessing the programs for personal use. Currently, the Blim TV app is available in 17 countries like Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. The distributors for Blim TV are Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and BBC.

Subscription Plans

The Blim TV comes with three subscription plans

  • 1 month – $ 5.65
  • 3 Month Plan – $14.24
  • 6 month Plan – $27.06

How to Install Blim TV on Firestick

[1] Go to the Firestick home page and select the Search icon.

click search icon- Blim on Firestick
[2] On the search box, you need to type the Blim TV app name.

ente the blim app name- Blim on Firestick
[3] A suggestion list will get displayed. Select the Blim TV app from that list.

[4] Now, click on the Get or Download option to start downloading the app.

[5] After the app gets downloaded, click Open.

[6] Now, the Blim TV app will launch on your Firestick successfully.

Best VPNs For Firestick

  1. CyberGhost VPN
  2. PureVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. NordVPN

Steps to Watch Blim TV on Firestick from Abroad using a VPN

[1] Select the Search icon from the Firestick home screen.

[2] On the search box, Type in as PureVPN.

Blim on fire tv
[3] Choose the PureVPN app from the suggestion list.

Blim tv on fire tv stick
[4] You need to click on the Install option to download the PureVPN app.

[5] Then, click Open when the app gets downloaded.

[6] Next, you need to provide your account Email Id and Password.

[7] Select a VPN Server to get connected.

[8] Once the VPN server gets connected, you can start streaming your favorite shows on your device.

To enjoy unlimited content, you need to subscribe to a package by paying. You can use the Wi-Fi or data connection to watch the Blim TV anytime and anywhere you want.


1. Is Blim available in the Firestick?

Yes. The Blim TV app is available on Amazon Firestick. You can directly download the app from the App Store.

2. How much does the Blim TV app costs?

The Blim TV subscription plan starts from $5.65 to $27. The price varies based on the time period.

3. Do we get the Blim app for free?

Now, first-time users can use the Blim TV for 30 days as a free trial.