When it comes to the best video calling app, nothing can bet Skype. Skype is the worldwide popular video calling app where you can get connected with your long-distance friends and family. You can make HD quality video and voice calls to the individuals or create a group and make the group video calls or conferences. The Skype app works on Android smartphones, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromecast, and much more. In this list, Skype joins on Amazon Firestick device too. This article will show you the steps to install and access Skype from anywhere on Firestick with a VPN.

Skype on Firestick

The Skype app comes with attractive options like sharing text messages, images, videos, and files. A group call can be made with up to 50 members. Besides that, you can screen record the call and share or save it as your memories. The app is free to use between Skype to Skype users. In addition to that, the app even offers a free trial for the new customer to make international calls.

How to Install Skype on Amazon Firestick

You can straight away install the Skype app on your Firestick from the Amazon Appstore as it is available officially. Follow the steps mentioned below.

[1] Switch on your smart TV connected with the Firestick device.

 Skype on Firestick- Home screen
[2] Navigate to the Search option at the top of the home screen.

[3] Type in as Skype and press enter to search for the app.

Search Skype on Firestick
[4] The screen appears with a list of suggestions. Choose the Skype app from the list and click the Get or Download button.

[5] Once downloaded, click on the Open button to launch Skype on your Firestick.

Best VPNs for Firestick

Using a trusted VPN like Cyberghost helps you to bypass the geo-restriction and allows you to use the app from anywhere abroad. Some of the Best VPNs for Firestick are listed below.

How to Use Skype on Firestick using a VPN

[1] Install and launch the Cyberghost VPN on Firestick.

Skype on Firestick- Install Cyberghost
[2] Now, enter the username and password of your Cyberghost account to log in.

Log in to the account
[3] Choose the VPN server and select the Connect button to get connected.

Connect to VPN
[4] After connecting to the server, open the Skype app and get connected with your friends and family.


1. Can you use Skype on Amazon Fire stick?

Yes. You can use Skype on Firestick by downloading it as the app is available on the Amazon Appstore.

2. Does Skype cost money to video call?

Skype is free to download and use. It does charge any cost for making video calls. However, you cant use the app to make a call to a mobile number or landline.

3. Is there a free version of Skype?

Skype is completely free to use. If you want to make a call to someone’s mobile number or landline, then it will cost you $2.99 per month.