When you consider the best and top-rated VPNs, most of them are closed source VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and many. But there is also a category of VPNs called Open Source VPN. VPNs like Openswan VPN, Freelan VPN are some of the examples of Open Source VPN. But only a few Open Source VPNs are available for Firestick. The major benefit of the Open Source VPN for Firestick is that all the source code and working of the VPN are public. This ensures that the VPN provider can’t hide anything from you.

Most of the Open Source VPNs will have SSL/TLS encryption protocol. Like the pros, there are cons in the Open Source VPN. The basic VPN features like Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, Double Protection are absent in the Open Source VPNs. Data security is an important concern in the Open Source VPN. If you want to protect your private data at any cost and don’t any need additional features, Open Source VPN is the best choice for you.

List of Open Source VPNs

There are only a few Open Source VPNs available right now.

  • OpenVPN
  • strongSwan VPN
  • Cisco VPN
  • Freelan VPN
  • LIbreswan VPN
  • SoftEther VPN
  • Openswan VPN
  • SocialVPN
  • OpenConnect VPN

Among the VPNs, only the first three VPNs (OpenVPN, strongSwan VPN, and Cisco VPN) are available for Firestick. Rest of them all available for PC and other platforms.

Let’s see a brief about the Open Source VPNs available for Firestick.


Open Source VPN for Firestick

OpenVPN is the best open-source VPN for Firestick. The VPN has plans for both business and personal use. OpenVPN has services like Self-hosted software packages, Self-hosted Cloud services, and more. It has two VPN apps namely OpenVPN Connect (open-source VPN) and Private Tunnel VPN (standalone VPN service). Based on your needs, you can choose the VPN. OpenVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers, released on 13th May 2001. Almost for two decades, OpenVPN is considered as one of the best in the VPN industry.

Guide: How to Install Open VPN on Firestick.

strongSwan VPN

Open Source VPN for Firestick

strongSwan VPN is an open-source IPsec-based VPN available for both Android and Firestick devices. The VPN is also available for Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS platforms. The VPN uses the IKEv2 key exchange protocol and IPsec for data traffic. Standard VPN features like Split-tunneling, data limit on specific apps are available in the strongSwan VPN. The entire source code is available on the GitHub platform. strongSwan VPN is one of the lightweight VPN that occupies only the 6.6 MB of memory.

Website: strongswan.org

Cisco VPN

Open Source VPN for Firestick

Cisco VPN is the best open-source VPN for business purposes. Their VPN app – AnyConnect VPN is a popular VPN on the Play Store. There are many limitations to the VPN. Split-tunneling, Trusted network detection is absent in this VPN. It has support for IPsec and IKEv2 protocols. It is one of the easiest VPNs to connect to. Apart from VPN, Cisco has many other subsidiaries like Webex Meetings.

Guide: How to install Cisco VPN on Firestick

Final Words

These are three open-source VPNs available for Firestick. Install any one of the VPN that suits your needs. If you want a VPN with advanced features go for the premium and freemium VPNs available for Firestick. Comment your favorite VPN in the comments section below.