ProtonVPN is one of the powerful VPNs for Firestick and Fire TV devices. The VPN comes under the category of Freemium VPNs. ProtonVPN can be used for any purpose like browsing, streaming, accessing geo-restricted content, and torrenting. Even though the VPN is not available on the Amazon App Store, you can install the ProtonVPN on Firestick without any trouble.

Highlights of ProtonVPN

  • The VPN has 873 servers in 50 countries around the world.
  • With the Proton VPN, you can get high-speed connections.
  • It uses AES-256 encryption, and the key exchange is done with 4096-bit RSA protocols.
  • The VPN is based in Switzerland, which is not on the list of 14-eye countries.
  • It has built-in Tor support for servers.
ProtonVPN on Firestick

Features of ProtonVPN

The features of ProtonVPN are listed below:

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Switzerland based VPN
  • Free VPN

Strict No Logs Policy

You only install a VPN to protect your privacy, but some VPNs won’t offer you complete privacy because they will store logs from the data you input while connecting to a VPN. But ProtonVPN has a strict No-log policy. So, your privacy is safe with ProtonVPN because ProtonVPN follows the strict no-log policy.

Free VPN

Some VPNs need a subscription to access, and without a subscription, you can’t connect to a VPN server. However, it’s a different case with ProtonVPN because you can access and connect to a VPN server for free. But you will get only three VPN servers to connect to Netherland, Japan, and the US.

Switzerland Based VPN

You can have a big breadth because Switzerland is not a part of the 14 eyes surveillance network that is an intelligence-sharing agreement. If your country is a part of 14 eyes surveillance network, you can connect to ProtonVPN to safeguard your privacy. Also, the ProtonVPN is free to install on your Firestick.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You must remember that it is not mandatory to subscribe to ProtonVPN but to unlock all the VPN servers, you need to have subscribed to ProtonVPN. Also, you will have a 7-day free trial. So, within the trial period, you will not be charged anything. But after the trial period, your bank account will get deducted for the ProtonVPN subscription. Also, if you don’t like to use ProtonVPN, you will get a complete refund if you have requested it within 30-days.

ProtonVPN Pricing

The VPN has three subscription plans. All three plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

  • Proton VPN free – 0 €/ month.
  • Proton VPN Plus
    • 1 Year Plan – 71.88 €
    • 2-Year Plan – 119.76 €
    • 1 Month Plan – 9.99 €
Proton VPN on Firestick

Three plans have different sets of features and limitations. Monthly plans are also available, and you can visit the ProtonVPN website for information. Apart from that, it also has a free version. In the free VPN, you will get servers in only 3 countries and only with a minimum speed.

How to Get ProtonVPN on Firestick

1. Go to the home screen of your Firestick.

2. Select the Find tab and choose the Search tile.

Select Search

3. Search for the ProtonVPN using the virtual keyboard.

Search for ProtonVPN

4. Pick the ProtonVPN from the Apps & Games category.

Select the ProtonVPN

5. Next, click on the Get button to install the ProtonVPN app.

Install ProtonVPN on Firestick

Alternative Method – How to Download ProtonVPN on Firestick

You can also install the ProtonVPN by using the Downloader app. So, follow the steps below to do the same.


  • Connect your Firestick with a stable internet connection.
  • Go to the Settings > My Fire TV > Developer options > Install Unknown apps > Downloader. Next, turn on the Downloader.
Turn on the Downloader

How to Sideload ProtonVPN on Firestick

1. Click on Find > Search from the Firestick home screen. 

2. Type Downloader and search for it. If your Fire TV Remote is Alexa enabled, you can also use voice commands.

3. Choose the Downloader app from the Apps & Games list.

Select the Downloader

4. On the next screen, click the Download icon or Get icon to install the Downloader app.

5. Now, launch the Downloader app.

6. Navigate to the Search bar and type the ProtonVPN APK File for Firestick URL

7. Click on the Go button to get the ProtonVPN apk for Firestick.

Install ProtonVPN on Firestick

8. Click the Install button to install the ProtonVPN.

9. Now, you have successfully installed the ProtonVPN on Fire TV Stick.

How to Use ProtonVPN on Firestick

Follow the steps to move ProtonVPN to the Fire TV home screen.

1. After installing ProtonVPN on Firestick, head back to the Fire TV home screen and click on the See all apps option.

Proton VPN on Firestick

2. On the Your Apps & Channels page, search for ProtonVPN and move to the app.

3. Click on the Options icon and select Move from the list.

4. Now, drag the app and place it on the home screen for easy access.

How to Activate ProtonVPN on Firestick

1. Launch the ProtonVPN on your Amazon Firestick.

2. Select the Sign in button.

3. You will be presented with the Activation Code and the link to activate ProtonVPN.

Select Sign in

3. Now, visit on any web browser.

4. Sign in to your account and enter the activation code. Next, click on Submit.

5. Now, relaunch the ProtonVPN.

6. Choose a VPN server and click on the Connect button.

Connect to ProtonVPN

7. Now, you have successfully connected to ProtonVPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How to Fix ProtonVPN Not Working on Firestick

  • Check that the internet connection is in working condition, as the poor internet connection may lead to buffering issues. Also, restart the WiFi router.
  • Blacking screen problems commonly occur if the connection made between the devices is poor. So, connect your Firestick to the TV properly, and restart the Firestick device.
  • If the ProtonVPN kill switch is not working, update the PortonVPN.

ProtonVPN Alternatives

There are a whole bunch of alternatives for ProtonVPN in the Freemium category. If you need an alternative for ProtonVPN, try the best free VPNs for Firestick like

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ProtonVPN available for Firestick?

Yes, ProtonVPN can be installed on Firestick.

2. Is ProtonVPN free to download?

Yes, you can install Proton VPN on Firestick for free.

3. Does ProtonVPN work on Firestick?

Yes, ProtonVPN works well on Firestick.

4. Does ProtonVPN offer free IPTV services?

No, ProtonVPN typically offers a freemium IPTV service. So, free users can access three of the ProtonVPN servers.

5. How to setup Proton VPN on Firestick?

Launch the app, activate your account, choose any server location, and click Connect to start using the Proton VPN on Fire TV Stick.