The Office has been one of the most famous shows on American Television since first aired. It is a sitcom series that mainly focuses on workplace comedy, mockumentary, and cringe comedy. It was aired by NBC in 2005 and concluded after nine interesting seasons in 2013. The Office was flooded with 30 trophies and won the most prestigious Primetime Emmy Award. The viral clips from the internet, endless chatter from your friends, and Hilarious memes all over social media make us watch it in a repeat mode. This article will discuss ways to watch The Office on Amazon Firestick.

The Office on Amazon Firestick

Get The Office on Amazon Firestick

You can stream The Office with various streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Peacock TV, Vudu, etc. Here we will see how to stream The Office using Amazon Prime Video.

How to Stream The Office on Firestick using Peacock TV

Peacock TV is owned by NBC and it is the home of all NBC channels. It is the best streaming platform to stream sitcoms, series, movies, shows, etc. You can stream all the nine seasons of The Office on Peacock on your Firestick by installing the app from the Amazon App Store. Here are the steps.

Quick Guide: On Firestick Home, click Find > Search > Browse Peacock TV > Tap Get to install > Click Open to Launch > Sign in with Peacock account > search and stream The Office.

[1] Click on the Search icon under the Find category from the Firestick home screen.

Click on the search option under Find
[2] Search and browse for the Peacock TV app.

[3] Choose the app from the search results.

[4] Click Get to install the app on Firestick.

[5] Once installed, go to the Apps section to launch the app and log in with your account details.

[6] In the search field, enter The Office and search for it.

[7] Choose to play any episode and stream it on your Amazon Firestick.

How to Watch The Office on Fire TV using Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the most used streaming platform standing next to Netflix. Also, it offers tons of movies, TV shows, comedy shows, documentaries, and Amazon Originals. Amazon Prime Video is accessible through web versions or dedicated apps compatible with different platforms. Amazon Firestick is one of the platforms which officially supports downloading the Amazon Prime Video app.

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Though the Amazon Prime Video app is preinstalled, you have to activate the app with your Amazon Prime account. To do so,

[1] Hook up the Firestick device to your TV’s HDMI port.

[2] On the home screen, select the Settings menu and click My Account.

[3] Then, sign in to your Amazon Prime account on Firestick.

Sign in
[4] Press and hold the home button on the Fire TV remote to get the Prime Video app.

[5] Now, search for The Office series and stream it on your Firestick.

watch The Office on Amazon Firestick

Steps to Watch The Office on Firestick using VPN

You may have to use a VPN since Prime Video has geo-restriction on certain content. VPN can easily remove those limitations and provide endless entertainment.

[1] Go to the Fire TV home screen and click the Search icon.

[2] Type NordVPN and choose it from the search result.

[3] Click Get to download the VPN from Amazon App Store.

Click Get
[4] After downloading, select Open to launch NordVPN on Firestick.

Select Open
[5] Enter your NordVPN credentials.

[6] Choose the VPN server and click Connect to get an encrypted VPN network.

The Office on Amazon Firestick- connect VPN
[7] Open the Amazon Prime Video app and stream the Office series without any geo-restriction.

Best VPN for Firestick

  • ExpressVPN
  • PureVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • Surfshark
  • Cyberghost


Where to watch The Office on Firestick?

You can watch The office from streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Peacock TV, Apple TV, Tubi, iTunes, and Vudu.

Can I stream The Office for free?

You can stream the five seasons of The Office for free with ads on Peacock TV.

Can you stream The Office on Netflix?

No, The Office has been removed from Netflix in 2021.

Where can you buy The Office complete series digital?

You can buy The Office complete series from Peacock TV for less money.