HBO Max is an online on-demand video streaming service launched in 2020. Warner Media introduced HBO Max for streaming all their rights-owned movies and shows. It is available on all Apple devices, Chromecast, and YouTube TV but not on Amazon Firestick and Roku. You can watch HBO Max on Firestick by downloading the app from other sources. They offer content for more than 10,000 hours and a media library for original series, documentaries, and specials. They also have 2000 movies on their launch.

HBO Max on Firestick

The HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 per month, which is higher compared to Netflix and Hulu. The HBO Go subscribers will subsequently have access to HBO max. Let’s discuss the steps to watch HBO Max on Firestick.

How to Install HBO Max on Firestick

#1: On your Amazon Firestick, click on the Search icon under the Find category.

 click on the Search icon under the Find category

#2: Search and browse for the HBO Max app using the on-screen keyboard.

#3: Select the app from the search results.

#4: Click Get/ Download to install it on your Firestick.

Click Download to get hbo max on firestick

#5: Once installed, click Open to launch the HBO Max app.

#6: Select Sign in and provide your account details.

#7: You will receive an activation code on your TV screen.

#8: Visit the HBO Max activation site using any browser.

#9: Enter the code and click Next.

Enter the code and click Next to activate HBO Max on Firestick

#10 After the activation, you can stream your favorite content on HBO Max.

How to Sideload HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV

If HBO Now is installed in your Firestick, make sure that you uninstall HBO Now before installing HBO Max. To uninstall, select the app and press and hold the Home button. After that, select Uninstall from the option to uninstall HBO Now.

#1: Launch Firestick and select the Settings menu from the home screen.

Select Setting from the Fire TV home screen

#2: Select My Fire TV and click Developer Options.

Select My Fire TV under settings

#3: Turn on the Install Unknown Apps.

Turn on the Install Unknown Apps.

#4: Go to the Home screen and select Search under the Finde category.

#5: Search and Select Downloader on the home screen.


#6: Select Download to get the app. Click Allow if Prompted.

#7: Open Downloader and enter the URL ( Click Go to download the files.

Enter URL and click Go to download HBO Max on Firestick

#8: After the files are downloaded, Click Install to install HBO Max. Click Done to complete the process.

Installed HBO Max on Firestick

#9: Select the HBO Max app on the home screen under Your Apps & Channels.

#10: Sign in to your account and start streaming your favorite content.

If you don’t have an account prior to activating the app on Firestick, You have to create an account on the web.

How to Watch HBO Max Outside of the United States

HBO Max is available only in the United States, and it is geo-restricted. If you are on vacation outside America and don’t want to miss the streaming, You can watch the streaming using VPN. The paid VPNs are better choices than free VPNs for bypassing Geo-restriction.

Best VPNs for Firestick

How to Stream HBO Max on Firestick using a VPN

#1: Open the VPN app and log in to your account.

NordVPN login

#2: Select the US server VPN and connect to it.

Select the US server VPN and connect to it.

#3: Open the HBO Max app and sign in with your credentials. Start streaming your favorite HBO shows.

HBO Max on Firestick

HBO Max allows the user to stream on three devices simultaneously and can create five profiles for separate recommendations. They also provide access to Kid’s account that can be unlocked by entering a pin.


How to update HBO Max on Fire TV?

1. Enter the Setting menu on your Fire TV and click on Applications.
2. Go to the App Store and click Automatic Updates.
3. Turn it on to update automatically, including HBO Mac.

How to fix HBO Max not working on Firestick?

If you have an unsupported version of HBO Max, then the buffering problem might occur. So, uninstall the app and re-install the latest version to sort this out.

Can you get HBO Max on Amazon Prime?

No. Currently, HBO Max isn’t available with Amazon Prime Video.

How can I cancel my HBO Max subscription?

1. Open the HBO Max app or website and click on the Profile icon.
2. Select Settings and then tap Subscription.
3. Now, click on Cancel subscription under Manage Subscription.
4. Click Confirm to confirm your cancellation.

Can you stream HBO Max on multiple devices at once?

Yes, HBO Max can be shared to multiple devices simultaneously.

Does HBO Max work in Mexico?

No. Currently, HBO Max is not available in Mexico.

Can you change the payment methods in HBO Max?

Yes, you can change the billing method in HBO Max.

Can I access HBO Max in Canada?

Yes, you can access HBO Max in Canada using a VPN service.


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