YouTube TV is an online digital streaming service that can be accessed only in the United States. This over-the-top internet TV is available only in the United States of America. It can stream 70+ channels with live sports like Football, best movies, television shows, news channels, and lots of on-demand videos. They provide unlimited cloud storage for the DVR library. You can watch YouTube TV on Firestick once you install the YouTube TV app on Amazon Firestick devices. If you are residing outside the US and you want to watch the live matches available on YouTube TV, you can install a VPN to access YouTube TV. Paid VPNs work better than free VPNs for uninterrupted streaming on FireStick.

The YouTube TV subscription is available at $64.99 for one membership with six accounts access. The popular channels are ABC, Fox, CBS, CW, CNN, Cartoon Network, Discovery, and BBC. The sports channels include ESPN, the Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, and the Olympics channel. To know the full channel list, visit the YouTube TV website, and enter your zip code. Let’s discuss how to install YouTube TV on FireStick.

Steps to Install YouTube TV on Amazon Firestick

First, sign up for the YouTube TV app with your Google account details using your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac browser.

1: On your Firestick home screen, click on Search at the top left corner under the Find category.

Click Search under Find Category

2: Type YouTube TV and scroll down to click on YouTube TV from the options that appear below.

3: Click Get to download the app.

4: After the app has been downloaded, Start the YouTube TV app on the home screen.

5: Select Sign In. An Activation code appears after signing in.

6: Visit using any web browser.

7: Enter the zip code in your account on YouTube TV.

8: Click Next to connect YouTube TV to your FireStick.

Best VPNs for YouTube TV

How to Access YouTube TV on Firestick using VPN (Outside US)

1: Open the VPN app and log in to your account from you

Login VPN

2: Select the VPN with the US server and connect to it.

Select VPN server to get YouTube TV on Firestick

3: Go to the Home screen and search for YouTube TV. Select YouTube TV from the options.

Connect to server to stream YouTube outside US

4: Click Download and the app will be installed.

5: Sign in and activate the app on FireStick.

6: Now, go to the app and select the channel. Start watching your favorite content.

The Payment of YouTube TV subscriptions outside the US can be made easily using Google Pay. However, make sure to utilize the 5-days free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stream YouTube outside your home area?

By using trusted VPN services to change locations, you can stream YouTube TV from a remote area or while traveling.

How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription?

Visit the YouTube TV website using your phone or laptop browser. Select your profile photo and enter Settings Membership. Then, click Manage and select Cancel Membership.

Can I stream YouTube TV on Apple TV?

Yes, you can get the YouTube TV app from the App Store on your Apple TV.

Can you get YouTube TV with Amazon prime?

No, YouTube is not available for free with Amazon Prime.

How many people can stream on YouTube at once?

Up to 6 people can stream YouTube TV at once.

Can YouTube TV detect VPN?

YouTube at times detects the VPNs and Proxy networks. You can use paid and premium VPNs to bypass the detection.