Viki is a streaming app for on-demand content. It is compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, and Roku. The Viki app is available in the United States and certain countries. It offers Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand content. You can download the Viki app on Firestick for free and stream with a VPN due to the geo-restriction. In the below section, let’s discuss how to watch Viki outside the USA on Firestick.


Viki offers subtitles for every content in 200+ languages. It is easy to access the content with the country and genre. The autoplay has the best recommendation of movies and shows based on your watch history.

Pricing of Viki

The Viki app has a Pass subscription for streaming, and they are two types, the Basic and the Standard. Basic Pass costs $0.99 per month and $9.99 per year for Ad-free streaming. The Standard Pass costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year for exclusive shows and movies. It offers a seven days free trial period.

How to Install Viki on Amazon Firestick

Quick Start Guide: On Firestick home, select Search under Find category >> Search for Viki > Tap Get >> Click Open to launch Viki.

(1). Turn on your Firestick and click on the Find tab.

(2). Then, select the Search tile.

Select Search

(3). Type Viki in the search bar using the virtual keyboard and select the Rakuten Viki app from the list.

Search for Viki-on-Firestick

(4). Click Get to install the Rakuten Viki app from the Amazon App Store.

(5). After installing the Rakuten Viki app, select Open to launch it.

How to Activate Viki on Firestick

Follow the steps below to activate Viki on Firestick.

1. After you open the Rakuten Viki app, you will see an activation code and a QR Code.

2. Also, a QR Code will display on your screen.

Activate Viki on Firestick

3. You can either scan the QR Code to visit the activation website of Viki or visit the URL

4. Sign in to your Viki account and enter the activation code displayed on your Fire TV.

5. Click on Submit. Now, you have successfully activated the Rakuten Viki app on your Firestick.

6. Now, you can go to the Rakuten Viki app to stream your favorite Asian movies.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can sign in with your mail ID to access the Viki app.

How to Sideload Viki on Firestick

You can use the Downloader app to sideload Viki on Firestick. Also, you can follow the steps below to do the same.

1. Go to Find and select the Search option from the home screen.

Select Search

2. Use the virtual keyboard to enter Downloader in the Search Bar and search for the app.

Search for the Downloader

3. Pick the Downloader app from the Apps & Games section.

Select the Downloader

4. Click on the Get or Download button to install the Downloader app.

Install Downloader to get Viki on Firestick

5. Now, the Downloader app will install on your Firestick within minutes. Then, go to the Settings and select My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

6. Now, choose Developer options > Install Unknown apps.

Select Install Unknown apps

7. Select the Downloader app and turn it on.

Turn on the Downloader

8. Now, you can launch the Downloader and enter the URL of the APK File of the Rakuten Viki app Next, click on the Go button.

Install Viki on Firestick

9. Finally, the Rakuten Viki app will start to download.

10. After the APK File is downloaded, click on the Install button.

Select Install to get Viki on Firestick

11. Now, the Rakuten Viki app will be installed on your Firestick.

12. Then, launch the Rakuten Viki app and complete the activation process.

13. Finally, you can stream on Firestick using the Rakuten Viki app.

How to Watch Viki on Firestick outside the US using a VPN

If you wish to watch Viki on Firestick from anywhere, you will have to use a VPN on Firestick to bypass the geo-restriction.

(1). Search for IPVanish VPN on the Firestick home screen.

(2). Choose the IPVanish VPN app from the shown options.

Select IPVanish VPN

(3). Select Get to download the VPN on Firestick.

Get IPvanish VPN for Firestick

(4). Click Open to launch IPVanish VPN.

Open IPVanish VPN - Viki on Firestick

(5). Provide the Username and Password of your account to log in and click the Login button.

Log in to IPVanish VPN

(6). Choose the VPN server and click Connect.

Choose the VPN Server - Viki on Firestick

(7). Move to Your Apps & Channels and launch the Viki app to stream its content.

Thus, we have come across the steps to use a VPN on Firestick for secure streaming. It is advisable to use a paid VPN than a free VPN for bypassing the geo-restriction and protecting the IP address. We have examined some of the Best VPN for Firestick and glanced over them.

Viki is an excellent app to watch Korean shows in HD quality. It also offers shows in sci-fi, action, and adventure genres. It features popular shows like True Beauty, School 2021, Happiness, Doom at Your Service, Descendants of the Sun, Legally Romance, and more.


1. Is the Viki platform free?

No, Viki is a freemium platform but you need to get a subscription Viki pass to watch certain content.

2. Is the Viki server down?

No, the Viki platform is working fine. You can contact Viki customer support for more help.

3. Is the Viki platform safe?

Yes, the Viki platform is trustworthy. So, you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

4. How to get Viki pass for free?

(1) Visit the official Viki website and log into your account.
(2) On the homepage, click Get Viki Pass in the Upper right corner.
(3) Pick Viki Pass Standard or Plus according to your choice.
(4) Select Start 7 days free trial to stream Viki contents for free.

5. Why is Rakuten Viki not working on Firestick?

If the app freezes and blacks out often, log out from your Viki account. Uninstall and reinstall the app from your Firestick. Restart your device and log back into your account.

6. Can I stream Rakuen Viki on PS4?

Unfortunately, no. Rakuten Viki is currently unavailable on PlayStation 4 consoles.