StreamLocator is not a standard VPN. Their main product is the special router that gives access to geo-restricted content. You can buy the router from their website and connect it to your router in your home. As an exception, StreamLocator VPN is developed for Firestick, and it is available on the Amazon App Store alone. With the app, you can access all the international content by spoofing your location. The app subscription costs $4.99 per month with a 30-day money-back policy. It also has a free trial for 7 seven days.

How to Install StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

StreamLocator VPN is available on the Amazon App Store. So, you can directly install the StreamLocator VPN on your Firestick.

1. On the Firestick home screen, click on Find > Search from the home screen.

2. Type StreamLocator using the on-screen keyboard and search for it.

StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

3. Select the StreamLocator VPN application.

StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

4. On the next screen, click the Download icon.

Downlaod icon

5. Click the Open icon to launch the app.

Open icon

How to Sideload StreamLocator VPN on Firestick

With the help of the Downloader app, you can sideload the StreamLocator VPN on your Firestick with ease. And the steps below will help you install the StreamLocator VPN at ease.

1. Click on the Find tab.

2. Then, choose the Search tile.

Select Search

3. From the virtual keyboard, type Downloader and search for it.

Search for the Downloader app

4. Choose the Downloader app from the search result.

Select the Downloader app

5. Click on the Download button.

Select the Download button

6. Now, the Downloader app automatically download and install on your Fire TV.

7. Then, go to the home screen and select Settings.

Select the Settings

8. From the Settings, select My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

9. Now, choose Developer options.

Select Developer options

10. In the Developer options section, select Install Unknown Apps.

Select Install Unknown Apps

11. Find and select the Downloader app.

12. If the Downloader is turned off, turn it on.

Turn on the Downloader to install StreamLocator VPN on Firestick

13. Now, press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and go to the home screen.

14. Select the Apps tab and from the list of installed applications, choose the Downloader app and launch it.

15. Now, select the URL box and enter the URL of the StreamLocator APK File

16. Select the Go button to down the StreamLocator app.

Download StreamLocator VPN on Firestick

17. After downloading the StreamLocator app, select the Install button.

18. Now, you have installed the StreamLocator VPN on Firestick.

19. Once the installation is done, click the Open button.

How to Use StreamLocator VPN on Firestick

By using the steps below, you can use the StreamLocator VPN on Firestick easily.

1. When you open the VPN, turn it on by clicking the STREAMING IS OFF button.

StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

2. If it asks for any Connection request, click OK.

Connection request

3. Now, the button will be changed to STREAMING IS ON.

4. The streaming apps that you installed on your Firestick will appear under the Watch now tab.

5. Choose the app to open it.

StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

6. It will ask you to choose a country. Choose a country that you want to access the content.

StreamLocator VPN for Firestick

7. Now, you can access the video content based on the chosen country.

Note: Changing a country is only applicable to worldwide streaming apps. Apps like Hulu can’t access internationally.


Here are the alternatives of Streamlocator VPN:

  1. VyprVPN
  2. VPNSafetyDot
  3. PureVPN

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get StreamLocator VPN on Firestick?

You can install the StreamLocator VPN on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

2. Can I unblock geo-restrictions with StreamLocator VPN?

The StreamLocator VPN is specifically designed to unblock the geo-restrictions on streaming apps.