You probably have heard about Attack on Titan, one of the popular anime shows going over the eyes and ears of every anime fan. This anime became so popular that everyone is looking to watch Attack on Titan on their supported devices. Here, we have prepared a guide to watch Attack on Titan on your Firestick.

After watching Attack on Titan, you can see that it is a mind-blowing concept. The Attack on Titan story is about a young boy named Eren who has the power to transform into a monster they call a titan, and the rest of the story is that he uses tries to use his power to save the world. Also, there are 70+ episodes in Attack on Titan with four seasons. At the same time, the fourth season is split into two. So, If you want to watch Attack on Titans, you can watch it on Netflix.

How to Watch Attack on Titan on Firestick

The Netflix app is natively available on the Amazon app store. Follow the below instructions to install it.

[1] Setup the Firestick device to your TV and connect to a stable internet connection.

[2] Select the Find tab followed by the Search tile.

Select Search
[3] Search for the Netflix app.

Search for Netflix
[4] Pick the Netflix app from the search result.

Pick the Netflix app.
[5] Then, select the Get or Download button.

Install Netflix to watch Attack on Titan on Firestick
[6] After installing, click the Open button to launch the app.

Open Netflix and watch Attack on Titan on Firestick
[7] Sign in or Sign up with your Netflix account.

[8] On your Netflix home screen, search for Attack on Titan and stream it on your Fire TV.

How to Stream Attack on Titan on Firestick using a VPN

As few Netflix content is restricted in certain regions, it is recommended to use a paid VPN like NordVPN to stream Attack on Titan on your Firestick from anywhere.

[1] Go to the Fire TV home screen and select the Search icon.

[2] Type NordVPN and choose the same from the options below.

[3] Then, click Get to download the VPN app from the Amazon App Store.

Install NordVPN
[4] After downloading, select Open to launch NordVPN on Firestick.

Open Nord VPN
[5] Enter your NordVPN account credentials.

[6] Choose the VPN server and click Connect to get an encrypted VPN service.

Connect to NordVPN and watch Attack on Titan on Firestick
[7] Now, open the Netflix app and watch the Attack on Titan on your Fire TV screen.

Best VPNs for Firestick

If you don’t like to use NordVPN, you can check out the other best VPN for your Firestick below.


1. Can I watch Attack on Titan on Firestick?

Yes, you can watch Attack on Titan on Firestick with the Netflix app.

2. Is the Netflix app free?

Yes, the Netflix app is free to install. But you need to subscribe to Netflix to access it.

3. What best VPN can I connect on my Firestick?

Some of the best VPNs for Firestick are NordVPN, PureVPN, Surfshark VPN, CyberGhost VPN, and much more.